This I Know – Week 3

Cornerstone (pages 87-122)
Eph. 1:18-23, 2:19-22, Col. 1:15-17, and 1 Peter 2:4-6

This week we focused on Jesus being our cornerstone. Will we surrender other things that we want as our cornerstone? I was a missionary for 8 years and I have laid rows and rows of cement bricks. When they would see that the line was off, there was no hesitation to go and knock it over and start again. The cornerstone was so significant!

Laura (the author) shares that she, on occasion, switches back and forth between embracing Christ as her cornerstone and then at times settling on lesser things.

Do you relate to her?

If so, what is an indicator for you that you have settled on something lesser than Jesus Christ alone or that your cornerstone isn’t correctly laid?

Breanne: edgy or instability. In the instability I have feelings that I am intense or cranky or overfunctioning. “Don’t build your house on the sandyland.” When I am building my own kingdom, it will have instability and that will make me edgy.

Julie: frustration or discouragement. I know during these times I am not fixing my eyes on Jesus.

Lisa: Being aware of emotions – like anger or frustration. And what I am missing – like a sense a peace. “Rubbed me the wrong way” usually means that my cornerstone is not Jesus Christ. I had a stance that was in the wrong place and when something comes at me, rather than receive it for what it is – it rubs me the wrong way.

Overcoming vocabulary – we know when it is our striving vs this is something that God is putting in front of us. Tying it back to last week when I am not getting what I need, it is because I am doing the wrong thing so what I need isn’t actually what I need.
Overcomer vs Overfunctioning. Pushing through with peace and joy or pushing through and wanting to bite everyone.“Oh Julie, your countenance has fallen.”

Lauren: worry, and can’t get it off my mind. I know how capable I am and I trust in myself. I am “hoping” on myself.

How worthy God is!

God holds the oceans in His hand. We serve such a big God!

How is your life different when you place your hope on Jesus and are surrendered to Him?

Julie: Contentment & joy.

Lauren: Completely at peace. Clear knowledge that I am putting hope in Jesus.

3 types of Cornerstones:
  1. Cornerstone – The first stone
  2. Ceremonial Cornerstone – We say we believe, but our lives are not showing what we believe
  3. Keystone – The central stone in an arch. It holds everything together. We are living stones and being built into a temple for the Lord.
How does knowing that you are a living stone in a wall that God is building affect you?

Breanne: We are building a wall of the church with our very lives. This is daunting. I think sometimes my hot mess moments don’t make a good wall. I lose track of accountability in my life especially for the testimony to anyone watching immediately, those watching for the long haul, and those that will come after me. It is also a great accountable thought that this isn’t just about this moment but about a bigger story that displays the glory of God.

Julie: Confidence to what God wants in the moment. Surrendering my will to do His will.

Lisa: It is almost the opposite things. First it is the significance of my moments. But then that can pale in comparison at times of the significance of this big wall. Sitting in God’s creation that shows us He cares about the little details but then He cares about the big picture too.

Lauren: In parenting I think about this moment being important but honestly my moment is not the only thing impacting their future but rather embrace that I am part of the church that is impacting them. The Church. Make God known in this world. The church is here to make God known to my kids. I don’t make up the whole wall. There is great accountability that my choices impacted others.

So Whats:
  1. When I think lesser things can take the place of God as my cornerstone, my view of God is far too small!
  2. God is WORTHY!
  3. Name the idol. Confess it. Repent it. Get to work removing it.
And this is what we know….

He is powerful. He is mighty. He is our Hope. He is a BIG God. Creator. Head of the Church. There is no one like Him. He is worthy!

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