Indoor Worship

Village Church East
As we continue to manage the ever-changing situation and guidelines for in-person gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic, our Directional Team has determined the following values to guide our policies for indoor worship services:

  1. Following Jesus’ mission
  2. Prioritizing our people’s safety & conscience
  3. Offering wise transparency
  4. Honoring our governing authorities, which means we will follow state and CDC guidelines until they violate God’s Word or inhibit our Christ-mandated mission
  5. Reduce the need to cancel in-person services


We have written our policy with the understanding that there are low-risk activities and high-risk activities when it comes to the spread of COVD-19, along with other viruses:

  • Low risk exposure: all parties wearing masks, with social distancing, with exposure under 15 minutes
  • High risk exposure: unmasked exposure, especially for an extended period of time and indoors 

While there is risk of exposure in any public setting with people present, our goal is to maintain low-risk exposure whenever possible, and to serve all our church family members during this difficult season. If you have questions regarding our policy as outlined below, please contact the church office at

Finally, if you are diagnosed with COVID-19 or any other illness, we would love to be able to support you however we can. Our team and church body are eager to pray for you, bring you meals, or encourage you should you find yourself affected. Please let us know how we can best help you and your family.

Indoor services will be socially distant & contactless

Masks must be worn indoors at all times

Connecting before/after service outdoors

Village Kids will remain online-only

Only coffee will be served on sunday mornings

Cleaning protocols have been expanded

Exposure Policy

If I am possibly exposed to COVID-19 at a church service or event, will you tell me?

If we are aware, we will communicate to the best of our ability with all who have been possibly exposed to COVID-19 at a church service or event.

Will you publicly share the name of those who test positive for COVID-19?

No; unless the infected person willingly permits the communication.

What will the church do if someone tests positive for COVID-19 that attended one of our services or events?

If we are made aware, we will ask the person who tested positive along with their household to refrain from attending Village Church services or events in person for the appropriate duration of time as defined by the CDC, and instead join us virtually. We encourage all our church body to follow CDC guidelines if they test positive for COVID-19, which includes a 14-day quarantine.

If a Village Church staff member is directly exposed to COVID-19, what will the church require of that person?

Unmasked first hand exposure of staff (high risk) will require 14-day quarantine per CDC guidelines unless testing comes back negative.

If I discover I have been exposed or test positive for COVID-19 after attending a church service or church event, whom do I inform?

Contact the church office at or (630) 765-5941 as soon as possible.

If I have been exposed to COVID-19, suspect that I have been exposed, or test positive, what should I do?

Please refrain from attending Village Church services or events in person for the appropriate duration of time as defined by the CDC, and instead join us virtually. We encourage all our church body to follow CDC guidelines if they test positive for or are directly exposed to COVID-19, which includes a 14-day quarantine.

Indoor Worship Services

Are worship service attendees and volunteers required to wear masks at all times in the building?

Yes; masks are required at all times during indoor worship services, except for communion. Unfortunately, this requires masks during singing in order to love one another, keep exposure low risk, and prevent unnecessary cancellation of services.

If I have a medical exemption for masks, what should I do?

Please wear a face shield when you attend indoor worship services if you have a medical exemption for masks.

If I'm uncomfortable wearing a mask for a worship service, how can I worship at Village Church?

We would encourage you to watch our church services online, either in your own home or with a group of other families from VCE.

Do I Need To Register For Services?

Yes; In order to manage capacity and social distancing, we are requiring registration for indoor worship services. Please be sure you register every week for anyone in your household who will be attending.

Are we allowed to stay in the building after the service?

No; we are encouraging people to talk and connect outside when the service ends.

Will there be food or coffee offered during the service?

We will have coffee available, but no food will be offered at this time. 

Will we have Village Kids on Sundays?

Village Kids (ages 0-6th grade) will not be offered at this time. A nursing mothers’ room will be available.

You can access Village Kids Online at Parents are encouraged to intentionally disciple their kids throughout the week using this content. If you need help or resources beyond Village Kids Online, we would love to help! Contact or (630) 765-5941.

What is happening with kids during the worship service?

Services will be family friendly. Kids are encouraged to attend and engage. Family units are encouraged to remain together. Village Kids will continue to be offered online at

Children 2 years and older must wear masks.

How will the offering be taken during the service?

There will be a box available at the back of the room to place your offering.

Online giving options will remain the same.

Will there be communion during service?

Yes; communion elements will be placed on or under the seats in sealed cups. There will be recycling bins as you exit for you to place your used cups.

Will the welcome team (greeters, ushers, etc.) hug me or shake my hand?

No, but you will still be warmly greeted!

How long will services be?

Services will be approximately the same amount of time as they have been in the past. 

Are there limits to how many people can be in attendance?

Yes; Fountain View has provided us with limits on how many people can be in the worship space at any given time. We will be working within their guidelines. Please be sure to register each week to save seats for everyone in your family who plans to attend.

What are our cleaning procedures?

Our cleaning team from Fountain View is taking the utmost care when cleaning our space, chairs, and the rest of the facility. They use cleaning solutions that sanitize surfaces appropriately and thoroughly. 

How will guidelines be enforced?

We have confidence that our church body will work with us to protect all members of our community without issue. If there is a situation that arises, our team will address it appropriately.

** By registering for and/or attending in-person worship services, you agree that you have read all of the above, and you understand and will follow the guidelines. **