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Upcoming Events & Classes

One of the best ways to get connected at Village Church is to start attending events and getting involved in things on the calendar! Check out some of the upcoming events in each of our ministries & sign up for open registrations.

Join A Group

Jesus intentionally designed the local church to be a place of training, encouragement, help, mission, community transformation, and more. Our groups are meant to be long-term places to foster connection and community, where you can find people who love and support you through all of life’s seasons and help you grow as a disciples of Jesus Christ.

For Families

Equipping the Next Generation

We have such a heart for kids and students at Village Church, and we are committed to partnering with parents as they equip the next generation to live for Jesus.

For Adults

Now more than ever, we need to be intentional about building relationships with others and doing ministry together. Our adult discipleship ministries allow you to become more equipped as a disciple of Jesus Christ to go, grow, and overcome in your daily life.

Serve Others

Use Your Gifts to Bless Others

Before returning to Heaven, Jesus gave us the Great Commission – to go and make disciples of all nations. Our personalities and skills can make an impact for His kingdom while we’re living here on the earth! At Village Church, there are multiple ways you can use what God has given you to support the church, our community, and our global mission to share Jesus Christ with all nations.

Find Support

Jesus is passionate about meeting both the spiritual AND physical needs of people, and we desire to exude that same passion! Our Share The Care and Benevolence ministries provide tangible support to people experiencing hardships. Our Orphan Care ministry serves families in need, and supports those who are helping other families and children.

Village Church Counseling is committed to helping our clients overcome whatever they’re facing from a biblical perspective.

Services include: Anxiety/Depression – Spiritual Direction – Marital, Familial, & Relational Issues – Pre-Marital Counseling – Parenting – Stress – Anger – Sexual Addiction – Adolescent Issues

Encourage: Create greater awareness of ways to serve orphans and families who are considering adoption or foster care.

Educate: Provide ongiong training to those serving the orphan.

Enhance: Enhance the life of the orphan by giving hope and opportunity.


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