While our VBS program isn’t what we imagined it would be this year, we’re excited to bring you Faith Lab at Home – a STEM-based program that brings faith and science together for a week of fun at your house!


July 20-24

***Registration opens May 24th***


Supply Your Own – $8 (Registration for this option closes July 16th.)

We Supply You – $TBD (Registration for this option closes June 30th or when 100 people have signed up.)

*Either option can also add an optional t-shirt for their kids ($TBD/shirt)

***Please Note: If you choose to have us supply you, we will not be including the eggs, dry spaghetti, or aluminum foil. Supply pickup will be July 17th, time TBD***

What Is Faith Lab at Home?

Faith Lab at Home is a great way to bring VBS to your kids even when we can’t be together!

When you sign up for this virtual VBS, you’ll receive videos and curriculum for:
– Scripture-based worship videos
– Science-based devotion videos
– “Sink or Float?” interactive videos
– Family science projects using household items

What Do I Need to Do?

All you need to do is sign up with the option you prefer (supply your own experiment materials, or have us supply it for you), and we’ll be delivering you the daily digital content! We also will be creating a Facebook group just for this virtual VBS, where we’ll be holding Facebook contests, and posting more videos and interactive posts for you and your kids to enjoy during the week!

Is This More e-Learning?

Not really! These short, attention-grabbing videos are on-demand, and don’t require you to login or watch at specific times of the day. However, we will be posting a video on our Facebook Group each morning with Professor Matt to guide you through that day’s Virtual VBS, and offer a “Linger Longer” via Zoom each day. Our hope is to provide you and your kids with some fun, exciting experiments while teaching them more about Jesus each day, and not to add stress to your life! Whatever works for you is the perfect way to use Faith Lab at Home.

Can We Do This in a Group?

Once the state of Illinois enters into Phase 3 of the “Restore Illinois” plan, groups of 10 or less can gather for any reason, while following tips on social distancing or protective face coverings as needed. If you can gather in a group of 10 or less, this could be a great option to do backyard experiments with another family!

If you have any questions about Faith Lab at Home, please send an email to Tami White at