When Jesus saved you, He did not just forgive your sins and give you the Holy Spirit, he also assigned you to a specific local church that you might be a part of a spiritual family. The Bible describes each person in a local church as a “member“ or “body part“, and together, and unity we make up the body of Jesus Christ.

As we move into 2020 together, our desire is for each body part to be healthy and thriving spiritually.  To that end, we are asking every regular attendee and member to commit to studying the word of God daily as you pursue spiritual vibrancy and growth.

In order to help you along with this, we are so excited to offer the Village Church family the Dwell app, to help you grow in your pursuit of God through personal Bible study.

NOTE – These free subscriptions have been purchased by Village Church for the personal spiritual growth of the people of Village Church. Please only sign up for DWELL if you currently attend Village Church. THANK YOU!