Nursery Policies

Temperature Checks

We will take a temperature check on the children’s wrist at check-in to ensure that it is below 99 degrees. If the temperature is above 99, we can wait 2 min and try again. To get an accurate read the infrared thermometer needs to be held perpendicular to the child’s wrist, at least 3 inches away, with ideal distance being 6”.

Why are we scanning temperatures?

    • This will not be a permanent addition to the check-in process. As VK returns, we want to provide external assessment measures. We believe kids are not able to self-monitor physical symptoms to the same level as adults. Many children do not know how even to articulate symptoms until they have been given language to do so as they develop. Therefore this temperature taking opportunity will provide an additional level of external screening.
    • Adult Volunteers will be self-verifying their temperature the morning of service, and will additionally have a thermometer available to them in the green room for double checking if they would like.
Handwashing & Hand Sanitizing

Nursery volunteers will be expected to wash hands for 20 seconds (using soap & warm water at the nursery sink) upon entering the nursery and prior to contact with any children. Hand sanitizing stations will be available in each classroom, and several places throughout Village Kids. Sanitizing is strongly suggested in-between switching care for children, after glove removal, after interactions with items that have been in a mouth, and many other times as needed throughout the service.

All VK nursery kiddos will be expected to have their hands wiped down with the provided hand wipes upon being handed off in the nursery. Hands may be wiped at additional times if necessary.


Volunteers – Nursery volunteers will be expected to wear the mask that is provided at all times in the nursery room. VK will be providing surgical disposable masks to all VK workers and ask that you change into the provided option. By all wearing the same, surgical quality mask we can ensure quality, cleanliness, and uniformity in efficacy. The mask should be worn completely covering the nose and mouth. Because of the close setting of nursery care we are asking you to cooperate by putting on your mask before entering the gate before children arrive. New masks will be provided and available in the VK Volunteer Room (across from the kid’s bathrooms).

Nursery Kids – All VK nursery kiddos age 29 months and under will not be expected to wear a mask or face covering. In the event a parent would like their child to wear a mask, we can only commit to trying to help the child keep it on and we can make no promises that we can manage that fully and effectively.


Nursery volunteers will be expected to remove their shoes and remain in socks beyond the gate. Extra socks will be kept on hand in case of need.

All VK nursery kiddos who walk will be expected to remove their shoes, and remain in socks beyond the gate. Extra socks will be kept on hand in case of need.

Snacks & Cups

We will provide the following:

    • Pre-packaged baggies of cheerios, that will sit for 1 week before distribution.
    • Dixie cups of water from a clean water jug. 

*Note: No personal water cups/bottles are allowed.


Bottles may be administered by nursery volunteers while holding a child. Best attempts will be made to keep children stationary while enjoying their bottle, and children will not be allowed to walk around the nursery drinking their bottle.


Pacifiers will need to be attached to the child’s clothing via a pacifier clip that we can lend out for the duration of time with us. Extra care will be given to ensure there is no pacifier sharing.

Blankets/Toys from home

At this time, there will be no blankets or toys from home allowed in the nursery.

Best efforts will be made to make sure children do not share high-touch toys (toys in mouth). High touch toys will be placed into a bin for disinfecting once the child is done with them.

All toys are disinfected & protected with Viroloxy-19 and will be completely disinfected between services.


20” x 14” burp cloths will be provided for opportunities to create a barrier between nursery workers and children when needed (ex: feeding bottle, burping). These items will only be used per each child and will be placed in the laundering basket after use. Items will be laundered each week.

Diaper Bags

Diaper bags will be permitted and kept only in cubbies within the nursery. Cubbies will be disinfected after each use. Nursery workers may use gloves to remove items from diaper bags, according to their own comfort level, as diaper bags and contents are porous and more difficult to ensure no transfer of germs. However, gloves will be disposed of immediately after retrieving items from the bag and prior to touching other surfaces. We will go into diaper bags as little as possible.

Diaper Changes

(As stated in the Village Church Child Protection Policy)

    • Only a female leader over 18 may change a diaper.
    • Hands should be washed and/or sanitized before and after every diaper change.
    • Make every effort to check diapers and change them as necessary.
    • All diaper changes should be done on a changing table. Gloves are provided and should be used for every diaper change. Diapers will be disposed in bags provided, and put into the larger trash receptacle.
    • The changing table surface should be wiped with a cleaning solution after each diaper change.
    • All diaper changes must take place in the presence of another leader/volunteer.