Can You Help Others?

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100% of donations go directly to meet needs

Can you help support one of the ministries below?

VILLAGE CHURCH BENEVOLENCE: Our benevolence fund helps meet the needs of people who attend Village Church.

BARTLETT COMMUNITY CARE INITIATIVE: BCCI helps meet the needs of people in our community, most of whom don’t attend Village Church.

RAHAB’S DAUGHTERS: We avidly support this ministry that is intent on stopping human trafficking and rescuing women and children from within this industry.

Choose the ministry you’d like to send your donation to by selecting from the buttons below.

Donate Grocery Items

Pick Up Specific Items to donate

Each week we plan meals for many families in need in our area. If you’d like to pick up specific grocery items to donate for these meals, we have a running list of needs. Click below to let us know what you’ll be donating.

Rahab’s Daughters

Donate to help rescued women and childrenĀ 

With all that is happening lately, Rahab’s Daughters has been able to rescue over 90 people from human trafficking! Can you donate items to help these survivors stay healthy and move forward in their recoveries? Click below to see the latest needs and sign up to help.


Do you have an idea that can help?

If you have another idea of how you can help others, please fill out the form below and let us know!

Help Deliver

Pick Up and drop off for designated nearby locations

We are also in need of delivery drivers every day of the week. If you can serve in this way, please indicate which days you are available and if you can deliver items in the morning, afternoon, or evening.