Help us separate the our 85,000 eggs into 850 bags of 100! Pick up your eggs at church between 2-6pm on April 1 at the Village Kids foyer (follow the signs). We’re asking anyone who separates eggs to wear gloves and cover your mouth and nose with a mask, bandanna, or other covering while completing this task. Bring back your separated eggs on April 5 from 9am-3pm to the Village Kids foyer.


Call your friends & neighbors this week to see if they’d be on board with you egging their house. Offer to drop the bag of eggs off on their front porch on Friday night, April 10, or set the eggs up in their yard overnight for the kids to wake up to on Saturday, April 11! The choice is up to the parents. The goal is to have 850 egg hunts all take place on Saturday, April 11.

If you are from Village Church East, pickup for your eggs is by appointment. Send an email to Kathie at to choose your pickup time!

Sign up & indicate how many bags of eggs you’ll need!