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Our Vision: To make disciples who go, grow, and overcome.


Every ministry in our church is continually seeking to bring the gospel of Jesus to our friends, family, neighbors, city, and world. This is our mission because it is Jesus’ mission.


 From our baptism services to our Q & A podcast, we intentionally grow together as a church as we learn more about who Jesus is and our role as believers in the world.


When we follow Jesus’s mission to go and grow, we are faced with powerful resistance.  With God inside of us, we have His power to overcome the world.

Our Values

We Are a Team-Building Church

Village Church Teams Are Collaborative. At the Village Church, we are a team made up of teams.

We Are a Digital Church

Village Church Is Digitally Committed. It is our priority to provide digestible, shareable, and helpful disciple-making content. 


Village Church is a Loyal Family

At the Village Church, we are a spiritual family made up of biological families and singles. Family provides a shared home, loving culture, compelling values, and life-giving identity that is worth fighting for.

We Are a Servant-Leadership Church

Village Church Fights for Inverted Leadership. The world leads from an authoritarian top-down org chart. At the Village Church, we love and honor our leaders, but our leaders primarily exist to serve, help, and equip God’s people to achieve Jesus’ mission. Inverted leadership is counter-intuitive, but the end result in an inverted, yet life-giving leadership culture. 

We Are a “What if?” Church

Village Church Values Visionary Leadership. We cherish what we have done, but we dream about what could be. The future is bright and full of the certain hope that God is not finished. God moves through people who have the vision, faith, and organizational freedom to make possible futures a present reality. 

We Are a “So What?” Church

At the Village Church, we support and encourage each Bible teacher to communicate the “so whats” of Scripture compellingly and without compromise. From teaching children in Children’s Ministry to teaching adults from the pulpit, our desire is to form people who will change their cultures for Jesus.

Our History

The story of Village Church East began in a living room on the west side of Bartlett. In the autumn of 2015, a diverse group of twenty-five people began meeting together for a Bible study in Craig and Beth Jarvis’ living room on Wednesday nights. On February 26th 2017, Village Church East celebrated their official grand opening!  God had transformed a small group of faithful believers who were meeting in a living room into a growing congregation!  We invite you to come join Village Church East and witness God’s goodness firsthand as He continues to grow His church.