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Dear Pastor Craig and Village Church

Receive a warm greeting

I am attaching a photographic report of the work done related to humanitarian aid during June and July.

We thank God for the Lord’s provision through you and for participating with us in the work of discipleship.

In the first week of July, by God’s grace, we closed our 2019-2020 discipleship program. In this program, were enrolled new believers, who accepted the Lord during the evangelistic activities of 2019. Through this program, for 9 months, they received Bible studies aimed at building the foundations of their faith in Jesus Christ, they participated regularly in services Sunday and different activities, such as meetings to share testimonies, special presentations, etc.

The closing of the program was done through a conference by Google Meets, where they shared their life testimonies, a special presentation about a man or woman of faith, which implied the virtual work of various mentors and leaders, in the midst of the pandemic situation. In total there were 13 siblings, who completed the discipleship program, including college students, relatives, and neighbors.

We thank God that, through your offerings, we were able to focus on this discipleship work, while knowing that brothers and sisters in need were receiving support (in fact, some of the new disciples and young mentors are included in the regular special help)

After this special work of the Lord, my family were infected with coronavirus. My wife, my two children, and I have been in quarantine at home since July 12. Our children had no major problem. But my wife and I did go through difficult times, due to respiratory distress. But thank God we had the advice of three doctors, a sister from our congregation, a sister from a church in Ecuador and one more doctor in Caracas. Through this professional telephone advice and medical treatment with Acetaminophen, Anti-Allergy, nasal steroids, Dexamethasone and Azithromycin, we were able to recover. Thank God we overcome the most critical days and are breathing very well.

Please, we ask for your prayer to achieve full recovery. It was also a time to meet the Lord in prayer and to once again put our lives in His hands. From the first moment the Lord encouraged us, giving us the Word:

“For I am the Lord your God

 who takes hold of your right hand

and says to you, Do not fear;

    I will help you.”

Is 41:13

Regrettably, the mother of a sister in our congregation, 80 years old, was called by the Lord recently, because of the coronavirus. We are currently supporting the rest of the family, who are infected, with medical treatment. We pray for them. But, above all, our trust is in the promises of eternal life in Christ, and we know that everything that happens in the world, indicates that the coming of the Lord is near. We want to continue working in the Vineyard of the Lord until he calls us or He comes.

A big hug, my brothers.

May Our Lord multiply to you superabundantly.

In Christ

Gustavo Prato