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Village students

Our Vision: Students will mature into transformative disciples for Christ, passionate about sharing their faith, and serving God, the church and their communities.”
Edge, our Village Students ministry, is for students in 6th – 12th Grade. Village Students exists to bring about intentional transformation in students’ lives. At Edge, we intentionally create experiences that unite students, ignite passion for Christ, and develop skills to Go, Grow, and Overcome.

Our Edge Youth Group meets on Wednesdays from 7:00 pm-8:30pm. During the school year, Edge meets in families’ homes. For more details on the rotation schedule, please contact John.

John Whittenhall

John Whittenhall

Director of Student Ministries

At Edge Youth Group We value:



Spiritual Development



Each week, we hang out, play games, eat food, connect with each other, and dive into God’s Word. Throughout the semester we have other exciting events, service opportunities and lots of fun!