In-Person WORSHIP SErvice

Attendee Information and Guidelines

Village Church East is excited to resume in-person worship services! It will be a joy to worship corporately with many of you each week. Please read through this page and familiarize yourself with the guidelines and expectations of attending. We are asking each person to be responsible for their own actions and activities, as well as those of any children in their care, while attending service. 

For your safety and for the safety of those attending, if you are experiencing symptoms of any illness, including COVID-19, in the days leading up to Sunday, we ask that you attend Village Church Online from your home. 

If you have any questions, please contact the church at 630-765-5941. We’re excited to worship together!

Where is the service located?

Village Church East will return to Fountain View Recreation Center, 910 N. Gary Ave., Carol Stream. When you enter the building, greeters from VCE will be there to direct you to your room and help you find your seat.

How do I attend in-person service?

We will require weekly registration for that week’s service. Registrations must be made prior to 3pm on Saturday afternoon for that Sunday’s service. We understand this is a new precess for everyone – please help us prepare for your arrival by reserving your seats during the week. Registrations can be made on the Church Center App or the link at the bottom of this document.

With each week’s registration, please indicate how many people from your household will be coming with you for worship. If someone outside your household will be attending with you, you can add them to your registration by clicking on “Add Someone Else” at the bottom of your household list. If you don’t have a Planning Center Online/Church Center profile, you will be prompted to make one the first time you register to attend.

Once the service has reached its maximum number of individual registrations, it will be closed to new registrations.

Do I need to wear a mask?

Because Fountain View is a public facility, masks are required as you enter the building, or any time you are in the hallway (to use the restroom, etc.). The Fountain View staff have also asked that we wear masks in the worship center, unless you are at your seat and around only your family unit.

In other words, you do not need to wear your mask while singing, or during the service. However, should you leave your seat for any reason, we ask that you put your mask on before doing so.

Where will I sit?

At the time of your registration, families will be assigned a room (A or B). If you are not sure which room you have been assigned to, simply check with one of our greeters on Sunday morning. Room A is located closest to the kitchen, and Room B is at the far end of the hall (formerly Village Kids). In each room, chairs will be placed in socailly-distanced family units. So, if your family has 4 people, look for a group of 4 chairs.

One of our stipulations from Fountain View is that church attendees may not go back and forth between rooms. If you are assigned to Room A, you cannot enter Room B to visit with those attendees. Attendees are also discouraged from congregating in the hallway, unless to grab a quick coffee or use the restroom.

We understand that this puts a damper on one of the best aspects of church! Please know that our heart is to be respectful to the requests of Fountain View in what is also a challenging season for them. We are thankful that we are able to resume meeting in the building and want to show them our gratitude. Once you leave the building after service, you are welcome to chat outside with other families for as long as you’d like!

Will Nursery or Village Kids be available?

At this time, we are not able to offer our nursery or Village Kids. Should families choose to attend in-person service, we invite children to sit with their parents. Please include children in your count on your registration form.

What will services look like?

Our goal is to keep worship services as similar to our previous in-person format as possible. The service will feature announcements, worship through song, message, and communion.

While we will not have our usual table of treats, coffee will still be available. Our hospitality team will have a table in the hallway and make individual coffees for any of our guests. This is also where you will find the “black box” if you would like to give your offering in-person, rather than online.

For communion, there will be individually packaged crackers and juice available for each attendee.

** By registering for and/or attending our in-person worship service, you agree that you have read all of the above and you understand and plan to follow the guidelines. **